Where to visit in Srilanka? Tips Steplanka Tours

Adam’s Peak

The Adam's peak is situated in the central high land of Srilanka, It is 95 KMs away from Kandy and 03 hours drive by a car with a picturesque eye view of nature. Adam’s Peak, (Sripadaya, Butterfly Mountain or Mountain of god Saman) is a very popular pilgrimage sight in Srilanka. There is a foot print on the top of the mountain and the Buddhist believe that it is the holy foot print of Buddha, Hindu people believe that it is as their god Shiva’s foot print, Christians believe that it is saint St.Thomas’s foot print and in the other hand Muslims have the faith that it is Adam’s foot print.

However Adam’s Peak is a venerable holy mountain for all the Srilankans and devotees climb the holy mountain during the months from December to May (High season) to worship the sacred Footprint. The Adam’s Peak Mountain is 2234 meters high and there are more than 5000 steps to climb to the top. It is a great challenge and adventure to pass these 5000 steps and most of the people use to climb the mountain at night to see the spectacular sight of the sunrise early in the morning. This is the most beautiful eye catching view from the top of the mountain and your cameras might be much busy with panoramic view of the nature. The lights and the way side shops provide the courage for this adventures trip and the top of the mountain is cold from 10 centigrade to 15 centigrade during the night.

We reach Nallathaniya (the village) in the evening and go to the hotel to prepare suitable cloth for the hiking at night. Step Lanka Srilanka provides suitable environment and other necessaries for hiking.

Our chauffeur guide accompanies and guide you throughout the journey in a friendly manner during this adventures journey. We start the hiking at night around 2 am after having a good rest in the hotel. The mountain is full of light and the pilgrim makes loud voice of praising god or Buddha urge the visitors to step the 5200 steps in courage and happiest manner. The journey provides a picturesque bird’s eye view of nature and the way side shops provide the refreshments for the visitors. There are many different religious activities can be experience on the way to the top. We reach the peak around 0530 am and waiting for the sun rising.  “IruSeveya”or the spectacular sun rising is the most beautiful and unforgettable experience in the top of the Adam’s Peak.

Avukana Buddha’s Statue

On the way back from Anuradhapura, we are proceeding to see the unbelievable artful craftsmanship of making Buddha’s Statue out of natural rock. The Avukana Buddha’s Statue is situated after passing the Kalawave man made tank which provides water to Anuradhapura through a cannel using oldest engineering power in Ceylon by the great king Datusena.

 The Avkana Buddha’s Statue is living natural rock which is 42 feet high and the posture is standing Buddha with blessing all the living creatures in the world. The style of Buddha’s Statue is unique to Anuradhapura period and the statue is standing on a louts flower. The ancient architectures always liked to compare Buddha to the Lotus flower because the louts flower comes from the mud and no any water drops can be kept on the flower, even Buddha is born in this sinful world and He eradicated desire and cravings in His life. So here, the architecture has given a great comparison to Buddha by using a beautiful natural fragrant flower (the mud compares to the sinful world and the water drops to the sinful conditions of the people). The ancient craftsman was very successful for giving a life to a natural rock by using just a hammer and some sharp tools before 1613 years ago (5th century AD) in Srilanka. It is a marvelous unbelievable creation of ancient Srilankans. This is a great place to visit because the Statue shows the great personality and the qualities of Buddha in a perfect manner. The facial expression of Buddha like Serenity, Love and Kindness, Compassion, Rejoice when others are happy and equinity are depicting through this marvelous creation.

Galle Fort

it is an ancient natural harbor and UNSCO has accepted as a World Heritage Site. It is historically very famous place because the British writer Emerson Tenant says that the world famous harbor  was called as ‘TASIS’ and King Salomon had taken peacocks , tamed elephants, ivories, pearls and gems using this harbor according to the Old Testament in the Bible in ancient time. In 14 century AD, Ebon Batuta wrote that the harbor was well establishing one. In 1505 Portuguese arrived to Srilanka and made a fort using bamboo trees for the trade at Gall natural harbor. In 1638 Dutch arrived to Srilanka and had the power over the Portuguese in Gall fort. The Gall Fort was a great place for the trade, so they made the fort and harbor using especial kind of mud and corals in a strong way with a big wall around the fort .There are , warehouses, officers, light house, prison, strong gates with hikes and more than six bastions where cannons had placed can be seen even presently. British had too used the Gall fort and they have taken tea, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, gem stones and other valuables through the harbor from 1798 and 1948.The mixer of European architectures from Potugues, Dutch and British can be seen presently and the marine museum is another important to visit to have a good understanding about the ancient naval power of Europeans.

Mirissa Wales watching

Early in the morning at about 7 am we are leaving to deep sea to watch Wales and Dolphins by well protected high engine boats. It is a nice and happy journey where we provide suitable breakfast, coffee or tea, water bottles and other equipments.


Wales in Srilanka

The Blue Whales are the largest animal in the world which comes to Mirissa beach during the months from November to March. They are very largest sea creature reach leanth more than 100 feet and weights approximately 100 to 150 tones. The large creature’s skin colour is very attractive like gray-blue colour.  After one hour from Mirissa beach we have the ability to see the largest sea creature in the world, the blue whales. Not only Blue Whales but also Sperm Whales, spinner Dolphins and melon headed Dolphins are abounding in Mirissa Sea. After spending more than three or four hours with these great sea creatures we are heading back to Mirissa beach. We move to Tangalla after great time with sea creatures in the sea.

Dambulla Golden cave Buddhist Temple

The Dambulla Golden cave temple is 18 km away from Sigiriya Lion’s Rock. It is a cultural triangle declared by UNSCO where there are five natural caves converted as Buddhist temple in 1st Century BC by the great king Valagamba.It was a good protecting places to him to safeguard his life from invaders and Buddhist monks too helped him during his difficult situation. The king converted these natural caves as Buddhist temple after winning the battle in Anuradhapura as a gratitude to the Buddhist monks. It is a well painted cave temple where different postures of Buddha’s statues can be seen and they are made out of natural rock, plaster, and granite or wooden with well painted very colorful ones. Dambulla cave temple is unique and important site because of the amalgamation of the material from many eras.


Ella provides suitable environment conditions for those who fond of Hiking and Tracking. Ella rock is a place where the people use to climb because of the gorgeous scenery and to watch the tea pluckers and to feel the comfortable environment. It takes two and half hours to climb the Rock. Our well experienced chauffeur guide, who accompanies you to show the unbelievable beauty of Srilanka on the top of the rock,.

Mini Adam’s peak is another great place for the climbers. If you are coming to Srilanka during the month of off season of Adam’s peak, this is a great opportunity to experience the mini Adam’s peak in Ella. We lead and guide you to climb the Ella rock and the Mini Adam’s peak in Ella. After experiencing of hiking and tracking, we provide you aruvadic full body massage to make your body much comfort.

Ravana water fall and the Cave in Ella

this is one of popular water fall in Srilanka and it is approximately 25m (82 feet) high. The Ravana fall is well known as the Ravana Ella and it is the widest waterfall in Srilanka.The name was given to the fall because during the legendary period, King Ravana brought Sitha from India and had lived in a cave which is situated very close to the fall. The water fall and the ancient cave are important places to visit.

Sacred Tooth relic temple of Buddha - Kandy

Kandy is most attractive and famous city not only among natives but also among foreign people because of its beauty. UNESCO did not had two minds to declare it as living World Heritage Site in 1988.It is the second largest city in Srilanka and 465 feet above the sea level. The surrounding mountain range, geographical setting and artificial lake bring much beauty to the city. A British Governor loved Kandy so much and he has experienced that Kandy is the most beautiful city among other cities in the world. The king’s palace and the British period buildings give us unique mixer of cultural new experience to the visitor. Kandy is home for the Sacred Tooth Relics of Buddha and it is the most venerable worshipping Relics to every Srilankan.It is the last capital for kings era and mainly three kings have ruled Kandy kingdom in 15 century AD. So, the Kandy is politically and religiously well known place in Srilanka.


History of Sacred Tooth Relic

The Sacred Tooth Relic was introduced to Srilanka from India in 4 century AD for the protection from enemies during the king’s era .The Tooth Relic has become the Palladian of the royalty, that means nobody become the king without having the Sacred Tooth Relic in his hand. So it had played a great role in Srilankan history. When you reach the temple your heart and eyes might be rejoicing with experiencing sound and meal offering of Sacred Tooth Relic. Who ever come to this place, use to offer some fragrant flowers and light lamps to Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha in religious manner to get peace of mind and get better life in next life. You are too welcome to offer some flowers to Buddha to get peace of mind and happiness in your life. After visiting Paradaniya botanical garden, gem museum and batik factory


it was a city, palace and garden complex and most of the people believe it as an 8th wonder of the world. The Lion’s Rock or Sigiriya rock is Srilankan most recognizable landmark and not only natives but also many tourists daily visit the world famous rock fortress because it is a World Heritage site published in 1982 by UNSCO. The Sigiriya was built by king Kashapa in 5th Century AD to protect himself from his brother Mugalan who lived India at that time. He was a ‘lover of nature’ and wanted to make Sigiriya as a heaven in all comfort. When we are entering in to the site we pass two moats and three ramparts to safe guard the king’s life from enemies. There were many dangerous crocodiles could be seen in these moats. The water garden, terrace garden and boulder garden tells the story that the King had admired the nature in great manner; still the fountains are working during the rainy season. The Lion’s Rock is 200 meters high and half way to the Rock the visitor has the ability to see the world famous 5th century AD Frescoes. They are half naked woman was drawn by the great ancient artist using natural paint and they are still alive. There were more than 500 paintings could be seen but unfortunately they were washed out and only 22 painting can be seen now.

The mirror wall is built to protect to the staircase walkers who are climbing to the summit and the wall was converted as a mirror using well polished natural granite. So that, when the visitor is going through the mirror wall the Frescos could be seen from the mirror. After 5th century AD, there were many people came to see the miracle of the rock and the well preserved urban planning. They wrote their ideas, thoughts and feelings in the mirror wall about their experiences in Sigiriya. There were more than 1000 grafties can be seen but 687 grafties have read and understood in present. After Lion’s paw we reach the summit where we experience the ruins of the palace and the pool where it gives bird’s eye view of the surrounding.

Rathnapuraya (Gem Mining)

Rathnapura gem mining (the city of gems)


“I want you to understand that the island of Ceylon is, for its size, the finest island in the world, and its streams come rubies, sapphires, topazes, amethyst and garnet “

Said Marco Polo when he visit the island in 1229.We have a great opportunity to prove the idea of Marco Polo by visiting the City of Gems Rathnapuraya. It is a beautiful city with many bare lands with green eye catching sights. When we are passing Rathnapura you can see some gem mining places where the people are working hard to find precious Gem stones. The gem miners come to know that precious and semi precious gem stone are placed under the ground using new technological machines or traditional methods. After some Buddhist rituals and worshipping they go under the ground in search of precious gem stones. The miners go from 5 meters to 50 meters under the ground and it is a great effort and dedication, they say that everything depends on the faith and luck. They mine soil out of the ground and wash to find Sapphires, Star Sapphires, Cat’s eye, Rubes, Star Rubes, Alexandrite and other semi-precious stones.

Wilpattu National Park

Srilanka is a tropical country and she is very rich with her flora and fauna .There are more than hundred of rivers flowing from middle of the country to the sea. They provide life to the forest as well as to the animals throughout the island. The forest happened to be clear due to increasing population for housing, road making and for other purposes. So this a great disturb to the wild life and they happened to be vanished from the island. So the government had launched to protect the wild life by making defined boundaries without any human interference is called “National Park”.   There are about ten Nationals Perks in Srilanka and Wilpattu National Park is the oldest and largest national park with full of flora and fauna. It is 180 KMs away from Colombo and there are more than 60 natural villus or pounds can be seen. 

The soil is naturally read color and Flores like sea vegetations, Sault grass and endemic trees like Vira, Palu and Ebani abounden at Wilpattu.The mammals like Srilankan wild elephants, leopards, water bafflers, spot deer, sloth bear, wild bore, monkey and fox can be seen in the park. Specially, colorful endemic birds like jungle fowl, brown cap bulbar, black cap bulbul and wood shrike make much beauty to the nature.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is most visited park for last decades in Asia because it is ‘One of Asia’s top wild life destinations’ among the others. This is second largest National park in Srilanka situated southeast of beautiful Island. The National park is consisting of five blocks and only two blocks are opened to the public. The Yala National park is covering 979 of square kilometers where it includes moist monsoon forest, dry monsoon forest, semi deciduous forest, throne forest, grass lands, fresh water, marine wet land and sandy beaches. Yala is very popular among the tourist because it embarrassed with varieties of wild animals, so the park is declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1900.It is very proud to say that the highest leopard densities can be experienced only in Yala National Park.The Sri Lankan leopard has a tawny or rusty yellow coat with dark spots and close-set rosettes, which are smaller than in Indian leopards, More than 25 individual leopards are estimated in Block no 01.Mostof the time the leopards can be seen on the trees, on the rock or very close to pounds, not only leopards but also 44 species of mammals can be seen with Srilankan elephants(300 to 350),Srilanka sloth Bear, wild water buffalo, spot dears, toque macaque, golden palm civet, read slender lorries ,fishing cats and 46 species of reptiles with mugger crocodile and salt water crocodile too are living freely. Out of seven species of sea turtles five of them are coming to lay their eggs to the Yala National Park sandy beach. It might be a good experience to see the turtles in Srilanka.


The flying creatures make much attraction to the national park.215 bird’s species can be found in the park and 06 of them are endemic. They are Grey hornbill, Srilanka jungle fowl, Srilanka wood pigeon, Crimson-fronted barbet, Black cupped bulbul only living in Srilanka.


Bentota nature and the beach provide the suitable environment for the water sport like,

  • Banana boat ride
  • Tube ride
  • Wave surfing
  • Wind surfing
  • Jet skiing


Hikkaduwa is 35 KMs away from Bentota beach and one hour drive on the amazing costal belt. On the way to Hikkaduwa we visit Turtles at Kosgodo Turtles Hatchery.


Turtles are beautiful reptiles’ sea creatures who like worm climates and having a well decorated shell on its back. There are seven spices of Turtles are living in the world but luckily five species of Turtles are living in Srilankan sea out of seven. They are Oliver readily turtle, Leather back turtle, green turtle, Hawksbill turtle and Logger head turtle. These turtles are coming to Srilanka beach to lay their eggs at night times. Unfortunately the populations of the turtles are decreasing rapidly due to consumption of flesh and eggs of turtles in greater manner. Srilankan government had passed a low to protect these valuable sea creatures and try to increase the population through the hatcheries. Step Lanka guide accompanies you to Kosgoda Turtles hatchery to experience the different stages of turtle’s lives.

After turtles we move to Ambalangoda masks carving place and mask museum.


Hikkaduwa Beach

Srilanka, Hikkaduwa beach is a well-known place as a marine national park among the tourist because there are beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes can be seen under the sea water. It is a great and attractive place where we can experience white sandy beach, blue water, low waves, and great sun shine without any harassment. Snorkeling and diving are very popular among the tourist in Hikkaduwa Beach and you have the opportunity to see the heavenly look under the water as well as the glass bottom boats too are provided to experience the Marine National Park in Srilanka.